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Focus on these things to succeed in Woman Executive

Create a work/life balance!


First and foremost do not let work become your life.  This is very difficult for women who work so hard to achieve success.  In the end it is not worth neglecting life & family.  It begs the question if the reason why so few women hold executive positions is because of a glass ceiling, or because women opt out of the ladder climbing because they choose family first.  If you look at male executives, you usually see a supportive family behind them and not a wife who is also an executive.  Conversely women usually still have all the responsibilities of the home and family even though they work.  No matter how difficult, it is important to separate the two.  If you take your work home and keep on your executive hat, your family may suffer.  Learn to keep it at the office and delegate work to others.


Do you feel the need to work harder than your male counterparts in order to prove yourself?