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Focus on these things to succeed in Woman Executive

By Christina Haxton, MA LMFT Speaker, Author & Executive Coach, Sustainable Leadership, Inc. The words you choose as a leader, or in any position of influence, shape the identity of others and as a result their decisions and...(more)

Many times women executives will say they learned to golf, talk sports, and go out for drinks with the guys to be able to fit into their team better.  Those could be good tools for you to improve your comfort during certain events, however,...(more)

Some people are going to love you; others will have an extreme dislike for you.  That is just the way it is.  Don’t be offended by it and don’t be affected by it either.  Women often have to work twice as hard as others in...(more)

Most people, not matter what their position, do not have a robust understanding of the company’s metrics and financial results.  Take the time to sit down with the finance group and have them teach you the P&L statements, look at the...(more)

Be comfortable in your skin, project your voice, don’t be shy about your mistakes, and laugh at yourself; it makes others more comfortable to be around you.  Take a public speaking class or seminar; brush up on your PowerPoint skills. ...(more)

First and foremost do not let work become your life.  This is very difficult for women who work so hard to achieve success.  In the end it is not worth neglecting life & family.  It begs the question if the reason why so few women...(more)

Creating a network of professional contacts and support is essential to staying connected within your field and maintaining relationships throughout your career.  You never know when you will need to utilize your contacts for future job...(more)


Do you feel the need to work harder than your male counterparts in order to prove yourself?