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Focus on these things to succeed in Woman Executive

Network, Network, Network!


Creating a network of professional contacts and support is essential to staying connected within your field and maintaining relationships throughout your career.  You never know when you will need to utilize your contacts for future job opportunities.  Women don’t spend as much time as they should on networking because they are focused on creating a work/life balance that keeps them focused on other things.  There are ways to network without spending time on the golf course.  Join industry specific associations that keep you updated on trends while you participate and make new contacts only once or twice a year.  Keep updated on others, and keep others updated on you by using professional networking sites and email correspondence.  No matter how you stay connected, you will appreciate the relationships the next time you seek to make a career change or a career comeback.  You can also get support right here on ManagingAmericans.com in our Community Topics area.


Do you feel the need to work harder than your male counterparts in order to prove yourself?