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Common job issues and solutions in Workplace Communication Skills

“Stand and deliver!”   For years it was the cry of the English Highwayman - a dashing masked figure atop a jet-black horse, hero to the masses while profoundest enemy of the rich upon whom he prayed. A sort of Anglo-Saxon Zorro, just...(more)

Lost in Translation?  A great phrase. It means that words, once translated, can lose the original intent of their meaning.  Or for those who loved the movie, it is the name of the insightful and curiosity-piquing film by Sofia Coppola released...(more)

No, Snarky, Snappy and Sarcastic are not the names of three additional dwarfs.  If they were, I think Snow White would not have been so optimistic!   Ever been in a great mood only to have a rude remark waylay your cheery disposition? ...(more)

For some reason, whenever we stand-up to make a presentation, many of us become our sternest selves. We’d be no more likely to break into a spontaneous smile than we would be to turn a quick pirouette. The same logic applies directly to the words...(more)

It seems to happen in a lot of workplaces. Someone is difficult. It can be a client, peer or (gulp) your boss.  Or it could be that incommunicative guy in the mailroom, the gossipy sales person, the surly receptionist or the aggressive...(more)

Sitting on the floor in a pool of winter sunshine, I contemplated the similarities between the pile of tangled holiday lights before me, and the conflict that arises in our most important relationships. Read on to learn 3 ways that a pile of tangled...(more)

Learn to counter-balance a customer’s concerns. Don’t confront them. It was an unusual sales approach. At a county fair, a lady on a solar energy booth grabbed me as I walked past, and without introduction, popped the...(more)

As leaders and managers we are often in the position of instigating or shepherding change efforts. Whether you are leading a process improvement team, implementing a new policy or system, or even driving cultural changes, you are, in effect, a change...(more)

By Sherri Petro, President of VPI Strategies & California Miramar University (CMU) Professor Hey Dick Tracy, Maxwell Smart and Inspector Gadget, I have a beef with you.  I thought all this gadgetry was supposed to help us communicate...(more)

Improve Communication Between the Generations to Overcome Turbulence. Generation X consists of those born between 1965-1980.  They are our most educated workforce and taking over the leadership reins. If you are a Gen-Xer, are considering...(more)

By Peter Watts, Writer, Coach & Trainer, The Presenters' Blog Beating presentation nerves can seem like a battle; a no-holds-barred FIGHT to overcome your fears. Bosses and colleagues, like drill sergeants, urge us from the trenches and up onto the...(more)

By Sherri Petro, President of VPI Strategies & California Miramar University (CMU) Professor When was the last time you saw an employee leap for joy when an organizational change was announced?  Can’t remember?  Yea, that’s...(more)

By Deb Calvert, President, People First Productivity Solutions We all know that bad news kills the messenger. So, whenever possible, most of us avoid being the “bearer of bad news.”   The unfortunate result of this “duck and...(more)

By Deb Calvert, President, People First Productivity Solutions I've often talked about accepting feedback graciously and even inviting it.  It’s equally important to give effective feedback in a way that others can hear it without feeling...(more)

As managers, and leaders, we anticipate challenges, take on responsibility and drive results.  Our ability to communicate well gives us an advantage when motivating, providing direction and giving feedback, however, no matter how good you are at...(more)

We all deal with different, and sometimes difficult, personalities at work.  But what do you do if the personality is a bully?  If you have ever encountered someone who berates you, deliberately excludes you from information, sets you up for...(more)

Learn to work with difficult personalities so they do not interfere with your job. You will encounter many personalities in your career.  Some of them are annoying, many inspirational.  What I want to address here are the difficult...(more)

Do you work for someone that does not like change, they don’t want to improve things, or they prefer the status quo to avoid putting themselves at risk of making mistakes?  What if you have ideas to improve your business but you can’t...(more)

We've all had the unfortunate experience of spending our day tied up in unproductive meetings.  So what are you doing to ensure you don’t waste your time or the time of others?  It does not matter whether you are a VP, Team Leader, have...(more)

Do your coworkers, employees and your boss all listen to your input?  Do they ask for your advice, seek out your opinion, and implement your ideas?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, then I would love for you to share your tips...(more)

It seems simple enough to assume one’s attitude has an impact on success.  But what is not so simple is understanding if you exhibit certain attitudes that prohibit yours.  Unless someone actually pulls you aside and tells you that you...(more)


Do you emphasize your own opinions when you give presentations at work?