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Gen X-PECTATIONS: 3 Lessons for Communication Turbulence


{#/pub/images/GenerationalTurbulence.jpg}Improve Communication Between the Generations to Overcome Turbulence.
Generation X consists of those born between 1965-1980.  They are our most educated workforce and taking over the leadership reins.
If you are a Gen-Xer, are considering promoting one, or have one as your boss...this challenge is for you!
Take the time to understand the expectations of this group in order to improve your interactions with them.


Why this is important...

This Professional Development Challenge is designed to improve your Communication Skills...
- By understanding the rationale behind their "results oriented, no nonsense communication style" you can learn to get to the point faster and feel comfortable saying what's on your mind.

- By developing a progress oriented frame of mind, you will be able to distinguish between abrasive behavior and efficient behavior without sacrificing teamwork.

- By adapting delegation styles to the needs of each generation, feedback can be motivational instead of controlling.

This article teaches three lessons to help all of us navigate the shift in generational leadership by understanding expectations for communication, teamwork and delegation.

Check out this article no matter what your age!

**As this generation takes on leadership roles, we all should expect a more results driven, work smarter, not harder environment.  Do you see your workplace changing?  Don't let this change cause turbulence. Understand expectations and improve communication.


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Gen X-PECTATIONS: 3 Lessons for Communication Turbulence


{#/pub/images/SherriPetro.jpg}Written by Sherri Petro, President of VPI Strategies & California Miramar University (CMU) Professor Sherri is a professor, accomplished strategist, organizational development professional and executive coach.  She consulted for 13 years in the for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors after a 16 year corporate career.  She teaches the Strategy Capstone as well as Leadership, Change Management and Business Ethics courses in CMU’s MBA program. Her current passion is educating organizations on how to increase organizational sustainability by leveraging the talents and skills of all in multi-generational workplaces. Sherri offers remedies to misunderstandings that result from different belief structures and lack of coherent communication by creating understanding and making connections at the belief level not only at the behavioral level.


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