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Do you Teach differently than you learn?

Posted in Workplace Communication Skills on November 8, 2012
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We all have different ways that we comprehend information.  But how do you communicate with others that have a different comprehension method than you?  What if you are trying to get your message across to several people at once?  Do you change your approach for each one of them?


There are three elements of effective communication:

  1. The way you perceive your own message.
  2. The way project your message to others.
  3. The way your message is perceived by others.


What do you do to ensure you plan for each communication element?  Please give some examples from your own experience.

Comments (1)

Shadi posted on: January 30, 2013


Really it is how you say it more what you say, if I'm passing a message at work I will ensure all party they has got my message correctly I will projected clearly effectively and ensure that other team member can work on it-with it
One time I have ask a question three time till the listener understand what I'm intended to pass through my question…


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Do you emphasize your own opinions when you give presentations at work?