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Do you avoid sharing your opinion at work?

Posted in Workplace Communication Skills on May 9, 2013
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Opinions are powerful leadership tools, they provoke thought and inspire people to listen.  So why do so many of us feel it is best to avoid sharing our opinions at work?


Are you known to share your opinion at work or do you hesitate?


What about when you give presentations?  Do you stick to the dry facts or do you spice it up with your own interpretation?


Please share your experiences and check out a new article by our Expert Peter Watts: Three Ways To Bring The Spice Of Opinion Into Your Next Presentation

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Peter Watts posted on: May 10, 2013

In the school system, we usually first encounter the area of public speaking in science classes and English lessons. In science classes, we were taught to make a report purely on the basis of observation: Which chemical hit which in the test-tube, and what color ash did the resulting explosion produce? Facts!

In book reports however, we were required to not just mention the major plot points, but why we liked them, and what we thought the author was trying to say. Opinions!

As adults, does science-report format come to dominate when we stand up to present?

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Do you emphasize your own opinions when you give presentations at work?