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4 Essential Skills For Leaders, Managers & High Potentials: Workbook

By Lisa Woods (813 words)
Posted in Professional Development Tools on August 6, 2013

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Use this workbook to assess your skills and be proactive about developing the skillset of successful professionals.


4 Essential Skills for Leaders, Managers & High Potentials

It's a workbook and management tool for individual and team development.


Included in this book...

  • A Self-Assessment Quiz to use on yourself and your team

  • 100+ Actions you can take to improve your skills, and the skills of your employees

  • A workbook to track your success & facilitate dialog as you develop others


Why Is This Important To You?


It doesn’t matter if you are Company President, Operations Leader, Customer Service Representative, Sales & Marketing Director or “name your title”…the need for continuous improvement in any position is universal, so is the skillset necessary to stand above the rest.  


When you look at successful people, there are four skills these individuals share in common: 


1. The Ability to Lead

2. The Ability to Manage

3. The Ability to Perform In Their Job

4. The Ability to Communicate Effectively


If you make a proactive effort to continuously develop these 4 Essential Skills, you too can be successful!


This 4-pronged skillset applies to your job, no matter what your title or level in the hierarchy.  It will improve the long-term aspects of your career, and the quality of your short-term results.


Why not focus on just one skill?  You could, and that would bring you value, but each skill is related to one another.  


The key is to address ALL FOUR Essential Skills; together they will make you a more effective professional, better able to solve problems and get things done. 



What Results Can You Expect From Developing These Skills?


  1. Others will be interested in what you have to say.


  2. Others will take action upon your request.


  3. You will have clarity as to why things happen in your organization or department, and what value you bring to the big picture. 


  4. You will develop a reputation for being reliable.


  5. You will be able to create mutually beneficial relationships with others.


  6. You will be able to get things done through effective collaboration.


  7. Your work and efforts will be known and respected.


  8. Your input will be requested and valued by others.


  9. Your work will be relevant within your organization and within your field of expertise.


  10. You will become more comfortable in your own skin no matter what the circumstance.


  11. You will be able to work with others, no matter their personality, and feel accomplished.


  12. You will be better able to learn, understand concepts and use new information to improve yourself.



Why Makes These 4 Skills Essential To Your Success?


Skill #1   Leadership Ability 

Leadership is a soft skill that allows you to move forward, at your desired speed, in your career and in your personal life.  It is essential in anyone’s development whether you want to lead a business, department, team or your own destiny.  It is about getting people to follow your lead & respect your input; this is vital no matter what you do.


Skill #2   Management Ability

Whether you are currently a manger, or want to be one eventually, the ability to take on responsibly and coordinate multiple variables: people, processes, timelines, personalities, objectives, etc.… in order to get things done, is an essential aspect of your development. 


Skill #3   Job Performance

Being proficient, innovative, respected and resourceful in your job are all tangible skills necessary for your professional development.  This, combined with your soft skills makes you a full package ready to advance in your career.


Skill #4   Communication Skills

You can have great ideas, amazing abilities and productive relationships, but if you don’t have the skill to communicate effectively, get buy in and mobilize others, you are limiting how much you can actually accomplish.  Great Communication Skills give you an edge in everything you do as a manager, leader & individual contributor by understanding your audience and projecting your message in a way that others can understand, buy into and act upon.


Taking a well-rounded approach to your professional development is the best way to ensure success both in today’s job, and tomorrow’s career.  These skills will make work more enjoyable & fulfilling for yourself and those around you.


Is This Book A Great Management Tool?


Emphatically, Yes!


When you get the people around you focused on self-improvement within a similar framework, it is easier and more comfortable for everyone to improve and support one another.  This is an insightful, yet practical, management tool for performance reviews, team building and individual development.  It works and can positively influence the culture of your entire organization.


Ask yourself, would your team or organization benefit from achieving the results listed above?  Do you think an accountable and collaborative team would positively impact your ability to grow profits and serve customers better?



Read more about the Author:


Lisa Woods, President & CEO ManagingAmericans.com


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