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What can be done to raise capital to start your small business?

Posted in Small Business Owner on February 14, 2012
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Chris has held management positions in international companies for over 20 years.  He recently made the decision to venture out on his own and start a talent management/recruiting company that places American workers into international companies around the world.  In order to start this venture Chris thinks he will need new computer equipment & office supplies, enough cash flow to manage travel expenses while developing his corporate client base, legal fees, salary for an assistant that can handle things while he is traveling, and marketing dollars to establish a website.  Chris anticipates his startup costs will be about $50,000, but he only has $20,000.

  • What can Chris do to raise the capital for his new venture?  
  • Are there ways he can get started without the full investment amount?
  • What advice would you give Chris before he quits his current job?

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How do you fund your small business?