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Claire Laughlin

By Claire Laughlin (369 words)
Posted in Communication Skills on July 25, 2013

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Claire Laughlin

Consultant & Trainer

Leadership 4 Design




As an independent consultant and trainer with 20 years of diverse experience, Claire Laughlin brings a passion for improving relationships, experience in management, and a relentless dedication to transformation to all of her work. Claire started her career as a college and university communication instructor, and soon found her niche as an organizational trainer and consultant. She is fully committed to working with individuals, teams, and organizations as they learn and cultivate the habits and practices that make their organizational dynamics healthy and highly productive. From Leadership to Communication Essentials to Project Management and Customer Service, Claire has a wide range of experience and has designed and taught over one hundred courses at over 60 organizations and at seven different colleges and universities. 


Early in her career, Claire was a founding member of the Public Dialogue Consortium, an international group of consultants working together to improve the quality of public discourse. In this capacity, she worked with whole communities to unearth and address contentious public issues using unique, dialogue-based interventions. These large scale interventions resulted in deeply positive and meaningful changes in community dynamics that last to this day. This experience prepared her for the complexity of organizational dynamics– complete with power differentials, resource constraints, competitive perspectives and the full range of human emotions and abilities. Claire was also a five-year member of an interdisciplinary team that studied and made recommendations for improving teacher training and development at a national level. These experiences created the foundation of inquiry and experiential teaching and learning that is Claire's signature style. 


Currently, Claire directs Cabrillo College’s Corporate Training program, and she consults with a wide variety of organizations in the Greater Bay Area through her independent consulting practice and through Leadership4Design.  Claire also coordinates the Santa Cruz County Health Careers Partnership, a consortium of health care employers, educators and workforce development professionals working together to improve the local healthcare workforce. Claire is also a board executive for KIDPOWER, TEENPOWER, FULLPOWER International, and is a DDI (Development Dimensions International) certified trainer.



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