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Lori Miller

By Lori Miller (722 words)
Posted in Customer Service on September 7, 2013

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Lori Miller

President & Founder

Tooty Inc.




Known as “the queen of customer service,” Lori Miller helps companies increase employee morale and bottom line results while improving customer satisfaction. Leaders of some of the world’s largest companies rely on Lori to provide solutions to some of the toughest customer service and employee issues.


For over 25 years, clients have worked with Lori’s company, Tooty Inc., to evaluate, train, monitor and mentor their call center, customer service and sales departments, and office staff. Lori’s innate ability to assess employee skills and identify areas of improvement enables her to create custom scripts, training and strategies that change employee behavior, reduce turnover and boost customer satisfaction.


Lori’s call center and customer service expertise has helped transform an entire industry. Lori’s extensive work with the environmental services industry, which included specialized training and customized “secret shopper” programs, was an integral part of industry-wide change. 


Lori is currently the president and founder of Tooty Inc., a company that designs training and performance evaluation programs, provides call center’s with game plans for improvement, and advises executives on sales and customer service strategies. Lori is also a member of the National Speakers Association and a Board Member of the National Speakers Association-Illinois Chapter. Lori is a contributing author of Mastering the Art of Success, which was published in 2011 and Concrete Jungle,  published in 2012.



Consulting Services


Customer service reps (CSRs) and office staff aren’t always aware of how they are perceived over the phone. Everything from attitude to voice can have an effect on a customer’s experience (internal and external). Through her signature program Telepicting, Lori has helped thousands of employees reevaluate the way they talk with people over the phone. Lori works with clients to:


  • Conduct department or team assessments to determine if the right people are in place

  • Help you implement a coaching or mentoring program for CSRs or phone agents

  • Evaluate the way your customers are treated

  • Develop an effective sales process for your staff

  • Develop and roll-out hands on training for your staff

  • Create and facilitate web-based training

  • Implement a secret shopper/call monitoring and evaluation program

  • Design scripting for successful handling of calls





Mastering the Art of Success




Contributing Author

Mastering the Art of Success,

published in 2011




Concrete Jungle




Contributing Author

Concrete Jungle,

published in 2012








David M. Hall, Senior VP Sales & Marketing, Waste Connections Inc.


“Lori Miller and her company Tooty have brought one thing to Waste Connections, and that’s called Customer Service Excellence! Prior to implementing the Tooty program, our customer service department wasn't even close to a level our company felt we should be. Over the past eight years, through training and focusing on customer service, Lori Miller has helped us improve our customer service responsiveness significantly. Tooty has provided a measurable way to specifically gauge our level of improvement. When we started with Tooty our corporate average was 7, on a scale of 1-100. Three years later, our corporate average was 71.6. I believe the proof of the success of this program is in these scores.”


Mark Dennis, VP Sales & Marketing, VESNA


“Before we had the training, we’d throw anybody who was a warm body on the phone and they’d get frustrated by the calls and burn out, and we’d have to replace them. What the Tooty training has done is allow us to bring in a higher quality person, a person able to learn scripts. The training provides them a lot more confidence on the phone, and we now have a consistent message throughout the company. When you call a division in Minnesota, Florida or any of the 12 states we operate in, you hear a consistent message.”


John Taddonio, President, EFSN


“I think any business professional, any company, whether it’s a new start up or a well-established business that’s been around for decades…large or small…there’s one thing of paramount importance: continuous improvement! I’m ready to move forward with my company to the next level…and I would endorse it wholeheartedly to anyone considering this.”



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