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Posts filed under 'Human Resources'

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    Mark Herbert

    Principal Mark F. Herbert & Associates, Inc & New Paradigms LLC

    Mark Herbert Principal Mark F. Herbert & Associates New Paradigms, LLC   Biography   Mark F. Herbert is a Principal in the management consulting firms of Mark F. Herbert & Associates, Inc and New Paradigms LLC, an adjunct faculty member of the Eastern Caribbean Center for Management Development, and a member of the KeyChange Institute.   His educational background includes a BS in Management from Arizona State University, graduate study at the University of Oregon’s...Continue reading

    By Mark HerbertPosted in Human Resources on July 25, 2013

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    Joseph Skursky

    President, Market Leader Solutions

    Joseph Skursky President Market Leader Solutions   Biography   For almost 20 years, Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions, has been growing businesses and advising leaders in companies across North America. His model of Leadership, People, and Execution provides a clear roadmap to grow almost any business. It has been field-tested and proven effective for over 9 years.   Joseph Skursky helps companies hire with confidence, manage without frustration, and increase both...Continue reading

    By Joseph SkurskyPosted in Human Resources on July 21, 2013

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