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Common job issues and solutions in Career Change / Job Search

I send out lots of resumes but do not get called back.


Don’t be shy about contacting the human resource manager at the company you are applying to.  Ask them if they received your resume and what the current status is for the job.  Don't hound them, but there is nothing wrong with an initial check-in to verify the job is still active.  If anything it will allow you to move on to other opportunities.

Sometimes when we don't here back from job opportunities it is because we are not really qualified for the job.  It is discouraging when your efforts get ignored and often it is because we set our self up for failure by applying to jobs outside of our current capabilities.  Be honest with yourself.  You can always work toward your goals, but you may be wasting time if you are applying for jobs that are not appropriate for right now.


Is your job search local or national?