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Common job issues and solutions in Career Change / Job Search

You were so excited for this new opportunity, happy to move on from your last job, and ready start the new one.  Soon after taking the new job, you realized the grass is not greener, nor is the job what you thought it would be.  Do you leave,...(more)

Take a look at your job criteria on a national basis.  Or explore your skill set and redefine the type of job you are looking for locally.  These days you need to be flexible when it comes to the job hunt.  Your search may be too focused...(more)

Take yourself through the self-assessment steps outlined in ManagingAmericans “focus on these things to succeed”.  You will find that by defining your likes and skills you should be able to create multiple paths to lead you to your next...(more)

Research the type of job you are interested in.  Compare the qualifications required and consider taking courses to get qualified.  If you are really interested in a full career change you will need to take the time to acquire skills and...(more)

Don’t wait for jobs to appear in front of you on job boards.  Define what you want and proactively reach out to companies or individuals who can help you achieve it.  Introduce yourself, advocate for yourself.  Check out our...(more)

Use the skills defined in your self-evaluation and re-write your resume.  Have other professionals review your resume and give you feedback, or hire someone to wordsmith it for you.  Ultimately it is a document that will speak for you so take...(more)

Don’t be shy about contacting the human resource manager at the company you are applying to.  Ask them if they received your resume and what the current status is for the job.  Don't hound them, but there is nothing wrong with an initial...(more)

It is rare that anyone meets ALL the qualifications.  Don’t be afraid to apply to these jobs.  If you meet a good number of the qualifications and if you think your other experiences bring value to the job, use your application cover...(more)

Target companies that have the job you want, but also have the job you are currently qualified for.  Get your foot in the door at your target company and work your way up to the job you really want.  Focus on training and networking.  It...(more)


Is your job search local or national?