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Common job issues and solutions in Career Change / Job Search

My resume needs improvement.


Use the skills defined in your self-evaluation and re-write your resume.  Have other professionals review your resume and give you feedback, or hire someone to wordsmith it for you.  Ultimately it is a document that will speak for you so take the time to do your self-evaluation before writing your resume.  It should not be just a list of places you worked.  Fill it with examples that are interesting to the person reading your resume.  You may need modify for each job you send it out to.  Don't forget to make a copy and keep it with the job description you applied for.  You don't want to be in a position where you forget which copy was sent!

If you want to get some ideas for resume writing, go onto professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and view the profile pages of people who have similar jobs as the ones you are looking for.  You may get some ideas of how they reference their accomplishments.


Is your job search local or national?