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What should be considered when searching for relocation opportunities?

Posted in Career Change / Job Search on February 14, 2012
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Gavin has worked in Sales for over 10 years and for three companies, all locally in the vicinity of Cleveland, OH.  He owns a home and has friends and family rooted in the area.  Gavin has reached a point in his career where he wants to move into a senior level sales director role.  Unfortunately, he has not had any luck finding good opportunities locally.  He is open to the idea of moving but does not know how to go about finding job opportunities outside of his home town.  He is also concerned about his ability to negotiate all the terms of relocation since he has no experience doing this.

  • What should Gavin do to begin his job search?  
  • What can he do to calculate if an opportunity makes sense financially?  
  • What elements should be negotiated in a relocation discussion?

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SalesAddict posted on: April 24, 2012

First I would look at the type of industry he has experience in and seek out job boards nationally for that industry. Maybe even target companies in his industry to see if they have any positions available. There are cost of living calculators online that can give him an indication of how much he should make moving from his current location to the target location. I have moved around a lot and there are companies out there that still have really good relocation plans covering signing bonus, closing costs on selling and buying your new home, covering up to three months rent during the moving process and the actual move itself (packing and moving costs). You can calculate a signing bonus based on any missed bonus payouts you will be walking away from if you quit your current job, as well as any losses you would take if you had to sell your house. It is a negotiation, so don''t be shy about asking for what you need to stay whole though the process.

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