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Where do you get your power?

Posted in First Time Manager or Supervisor on February 20, 2013
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All Managers have an inherent power that comes with the title.  Some people do things to cultivate it for the good of the team, others do things to take advantage of it for the good of themselves.  Do you know which bucket you fall into as a manager?


How would your employees describe you?  Emilie just posted a new article explaining three things to look out for to ensure you are building the right kind of team, one that is led through trust, not control.  After reading it, come back here and tell us what you think. 


In the article Emilie shared her own experiences. What examples can you share from yours?

Comments (1)

Shadi posted on: February 25, 2013

I don''t believe overdo making work our Employees, but there is importance to Plan the Team around the Mission, forgetting the concept that one man can manage-do everything, from here it is require everybody effort to build a successful team-business
I use often to monitor the duty directly from my own experience I see big improvement when I stop direct monitoring and replace it with observation from far distance with full trust.

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