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Managing Junior Military Officers
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Posted: May 4, 2012 1:02 PM

The process for transitioning from the military into the private sector will be different for each military officer. Here are some high level guidelines meant to provide some form of structure to the Junior Military Officer (JMO) Transition: 1. Transition Date: figure out when you can and want to exit the military. (again, planning should start at least 18 months prior to your transition) Prepare a schedule which includes at a minimum a. When you will submit paperwork b. Base visit schedules for recruiters (if your plan is to work with a JMO/industry specific recruiters) c. Necessary Applications and writing your resume d. Beginning to network (develop contacts and potential recommendations that you can leverage later)

If you found this information helpful please visit our Resource Center located on our Transitioned Military Officer Community Page for more useful information.

Comments have been closed for this topic.
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