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Hiring Hacks Your Business Needs in 2020



Hiring Hacks Your Business Needs in 2020

Hiring new employees is always difficult for managers. After all, you want to make an addition to your team that will prove profitable in the long run, but you want to make sure you also hire someone who is willing to learn and grow with your company.


In today’s complicated and crowded hiring world, it can feel like you have to go through a maze just to find the best candidate for a position. If you’re scratching your head wondering where your next best hire will come from, don’t stress; we’ve got you covered. Read through our guide to the best hiring hacks to use in 2020, and find that employee who takes your team or department to the next level.


Use networking sites

First, the biggest revolution in hiring in the 21st century has been the development of networking websites, which connect professionals with potential hires through mutually known acquaintances. Remember that person you met at an industry conference last spring in Boca Raton? Well, that person knows someone fresh out of their MBA who would be perfect for your marketing strategist position.


By signing up for an online networking site, you’ll be able to connect directly with that person, and gain crucial insights into your potential hire, chat with them, and even find out whether they think they’d be a good match for your position. The options are truly endless.


Post on job boards

Most job applicants search for jobs via online job boards. These forums or listings are regularly updated, so hungry applicants are always refreshing feeds in hopes of a new option. Are you looking to make a job posting attractive to potential applicants? Consider these tips:

  • Make your description clear and succinct. Cut out the fluff, explain the job requirements and expectations, and be direct about responsibilities.
  • Use keywords related to the position to ensure that all applicants are able to find your posting. Hiring for a marketing position? Include the word advertising in the description too, to cast the widest net.
  • Post clear instructions on how to apply. Do applicants need a cover letter and resume? What about a writing portfolio? Or a sample of code? Be clear on this.
  • Post widely. There are many job sites, and the more you post on, the better.


Job boards are one of the most important ways that modern employers connect with applicants, so be sure you get your postings up today.


Background checks are key

You want to be sure that you can trust your new hires to be the people they say they are. As such, a background check is essential to your hiring process. As nice as it would be to simply believe what an applicant says, sadly, that’s not always wise. A good background check includes the following features:

  • Employment history check
  • Criminal background check
  • Education verification
  • Credit check
  • Internet presence information


Once you’ve vetted applicants to ensure no one has any suspicious parts of their record, you’re in a good place to move forward with the hiring process.





Don’t be afraid of remote workers

As you continue your search, it may be worth considering remote workers as well. With so many remote work-enabling apps and programs out there, there’s a large supply of talented workers who work from home or from afar.


Sure, it may not always be ideal as having your employee in the office, but for jobs like coding, writing, web design, graphic design, and email marketing, having a remote employee can be an asset. There’s less overhead for larger office space, and, chances are, if they’re an experienced remote worker they’ll get the job done just as well as an in-office employee.


Trust your instincts

At the end of the day, your instincts should come first. During an interview, if you get a shifty feel from someone, or maybe you just feel like they’re not really invested in their own or your company’s success, you should consider looking elsewhere. You want to be sure that you can work with a potential hire, and having a good feeling about their energy and level of commitment is essential.


Hiring in the 21st century has certainly changed, but with new innovations and cutting-edge hacks, it can seriously work in your favor.


When recruiting, how well does your company attract high quality candidates?