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Focus on these things to succeed in Human Resources

Hiring Hacks Your Business Needs in 2020 Hiring new employees is always difficult for managers. After all, you want to make an addition to your team that will prove profitable in the long run, but you want to make sure you also hire someone who is...(more)

It is getting harder to attract top talent. In fact, job placement company Manpower Group reports that 7 in 10 companies reported talent shortages in 2019, due to a high demand of skills, but not enough skilled workers. Naturally, competition for...(more)

  The onboarding process (besides the interview) is an employee’s first experience with your organization. The objective of an onboarding process is clear, to help an employee get settled in and familiarised with their new role. This...(more)

Workplace harassment comes in many forms. HR leaders must diligently understand the signs to help employees report any physical or psychological mistreatment at work. With better understanding of harassment, it’s possible to create a work...(more)

The benefits that are offered by employers vary. Some employers offer medical insurance, while others offer a monthly stipend to help with any medical bills that may arise. Once you start to sprinkle in vacation days, holidays and other varying paid...(more)

Offering good incentives to work for your business can be what keeps you competitive when it comes to both attracting and retaining the good talent you need to make your company a success. There are, of course, a lot of ways you can offer perks to your...(more)

You’ve probably already used video conferencing software at some point for a work meeting, a seminar, or to keep in touch with family and friends across France and around the world. In doing this, you’ve probably noticed how the technology...(more)

As Managers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs we sometimes think about the needs of our people and employees more often than we think about our own needs.    We think about others’ capabilities to produce and ability to get along with the...(more)

In my last blog, I captured why giving attention to talent builds sustainable profits. That article strongly suggested that creating a healthy organization is foundational to growing and becoming a stronger competitor in the global market. Over the last...(more)

Have you seen “Coca-Cola Bets the Farm on Content Marketing: Content 2020”? It’s all about the company’s marketing mission statement. As, Jonathan Mildenhall, the VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence...(more)

  HR Expertise – A different kind of expert for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management    Managing Americans has recently added a new advisor to our HR expert panel. We hope you’ll enjoy her articles, and we hope...(more)

Global Markets Mean Talent Markets, Too I’ve been watching the global business economy and talent markets closely. As you may have been noticing, the need for talent is starting to recover from the recent Great Recession. While not everyone may...(more)

I heard someone comment the other day about round pegs not fitting in square holes and it reminded me of a specific area where confusion exists in hiring.   Most people know that square pegs won’t fit in round holes. That’s...(more)

A little over three decades ago as a young undergraduate I made a decision to pursue a career in what at that time was called Personnel Management. Unlike many of my peers it was a cognitive decision. I believed that there was something fundamentally...(more)

Interview Intelligence is a combination of IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Both are needed in order to consistently hire the right candidates with competency, talent and fit. Good detectives have interview intelligence – the ability to find...(more)

Once you make a commitment to improving your interview intelligence, you need to ensure that your entire interview process sets up your company for maximum success. If you measure your progress with both the interviews and the process, you can...(more)

By Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions The commitment of leadership to principles, standards, and strategic direction cannot be overstated in terms of the critical importance they play in organizational performance. Too many...(more)

Whether you are an organization that is looking to hire, or a qualified candidate searching for the right opportunity, this article presents an interesting take on what you should consider during the recruitment & selection process.   ...(more)

By Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions Hiring the right people is a difficult task when the result you seek is to onboard individuals that will fit nicely into the culture, are easy to manage and have a positive impact on the...(more)

By Mark Herbert, Principle Mark F. Herbert & Associates, Inc. and New Paradigms LLC Creating a corporate culture where great employees want to stay, and quality candidates want to join, is the ideal engagement scenario.  Engaged...(more)

By Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions Have you ever felt like you’re paddling as hard as you can to go upstream but just can’t seem to make any progress? If you have, you’re not alone. I see this quite often...(more)

By Mark Herbert, Principle Mark F. Herbert & Associates, Inc. and New Paradigms LLC Imagine a company where employees come to work engaged, determined and committed to support the goals of the organization (physically, psychologically, and...(more)

By Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions We’ve recently experienced one of the highest unemployment rates in decades. Times are tough, but some companies are still hiring at various levels. To many, it would seem to be a...(more)

By Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions This past week I had an interesting conversation with a recruiter who was very frustrated with one of his hiring managers. Apparently, the hiring manager he worked with insists on hiring...(more)

Human Resources is a tough job, and often unappreciated.  Employees complain that HR does not do enough to help their job growth.  Managers complain that they have to do everything themselves.  Human Resource professionals complain that...(more)


When recruiting, how well does your company attract high quality candidates?