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How RFID Wallets Reduce The Risk of Identity Theft


Incidents of identity thefts are quickly rising as the technology is evolving on a regular basis. Almost all the modern credit cards, debit cards and passports contain RFID microchips as these chips make it easy to perform simple tasks such as purchasing and transmitting data. However, at the same time they have also made it easy for hackers to hack into your cards and steal your private information.


When it comes to RFID cards, they are very easy to hack. Hackers perform skimming to break into the security of these RFID cards and steal your information for their own use. These skimmer devices can work from a distance of 10 feet; therefore you won’t even know when you got robbed.


While companies are trying hard to make the technology more safe and secure, they haven't been able to come up with a working solution yet, which is why your only option is to go for an RFID blocking wallet.



What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft refers to all those activities which involve an individual or a team performing deception, fraud and different kinds of wrongful doings with the aim to steal, hurt or blackmail an individual by getting access to their private information that helps steal their identity.


Hackers can take on other people’s identities by performing skimming or other criminal activities. Skimming is a criminal act performed on individuals who carry RFID cards with them. In this process, the hacker uses a skimmer, a device used to download the information in the cards. When the hackers become successful in doing so, they can use it all the wrong ways possible, which will be quite worrisome for you.



How RFID Wallets Reduce The Risk Of Identity Theft

RFID wallets are your best bet when it comes to reducing identity theft. They are solely designed to keep digital thieves away and keep your debit and credit cards, and other cards, safe within your pocket.


The chips on these cards can emit radio waves and because of these waves, your credit card numbers, passport details and various other information can be leaked and fall into the wrong hands. RFID wallets stop all of this from happening and make your RFID cards safer to carry around in malls and any public place.


Having an RFID wallet not only protects your personal information from getting stolen, but also allows you to have a wallet that fulfills all your needs, which a normal wallet is supposed to. RFID wallets come in amazing designs, colors, patterns and you can even personalize your RFID wallet as you see fit, such as carving your name on it, etc.


These wallets are basically made of aluminum, which blocks the radio waves and thus making it dormant while it sits in the wallet and therefore, a hacker cannot perform any action on your cards or passport.


Aluminum has the tendency to block electromagnetic waves from penetrating it and this is what makes an RFID do what it does best, protect your credit/debit and other RFID tagged cards.




It is very important to secure your personal belongings such as your money, credit cards, debit cards and several other types of cards that are RFID tagged. RFID wallets are the best option to do so because not only do they protect your personal card data, but they also have a tracking feature through which you can locate your stolen or lost wallet.



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