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Common job issues and solutions in International Management

Incidents of identity thefts are quickly rising as the technology is evolving on a regular basis. Almost all the modern credit cards, debit cards and passports contain RFID microchips as these chips make it easy to perform simple tasks such as...(more)

International managers need to address many situations throughout tenures, some expected and others not so.  Multi-national companies send international managers to destinations quite often ‘unseen’ or ‘rarely visited’ and...(more)

Conflict and difference can separate or strengthen corporate teams, depending on how they are handled.    When handled poorly Separateness can fester into fears and incorrect judgments, all taking focus and energy off the very reason the...(more)

By Debbie Nicol, Managing Director, 'business en motion" As international managers are often ‘on the move’, they can find themselves in unknown territory, affording many opportunities for open minds to show respect, understanding and...(more)

If you work internationally, or plan to some day, there are unspoken truths that you may face.   1) Beyond all the objectives you are sent to accomplish, you must achieve them without hurting business results.   2) The methods you are...(more)

By Debbie Nicol, Managing Director, 'business en motion" Communication makes the world go around – or does it?  When a person enters a new work & country culture, communication challenges seem to top the list of ‘lessons...(more)

By Debbie Nicol, Managing Director, 'business en motion" One bright afternoon in downtown Bangkok, I ventured into a movie theatre and experienced a tradition I had not experienced in any other country.  Prior to the show, all patrons were...(more)

Learn how to balance your approach to cultural norms without losing site of your objectives.   By Debbie Nicol, Managing Director, 'business en motion" On some recent business trips, I managed to find a moment to visit the natural wonders of...(more)

By Debbie Nicol, Founder, 'business en motion' & 'embers of the world' With customer demands, competition, market shares, employee desires, technologies and business landscapes forever changing, why has ‘the management of change’ never...(more)

Learn some basic language skills of the country you are working with.  English remains the international business standard; don’t be afraid to use...(more)

Over communicate your needs with a respectful...(more)

Be true to your own beliefs.  You can and should walk away from any dealings that don’t respect your standards of doing business.  Let locals deal with...(more)

Establish local partnerships, and let locals do business for...(more)

Develop key projects and have each project led by a different member of the team.  The success of each leader depends on the work of the rest of the team.  They will learn to support one another in order to get support for their own...(more)


Have you ever made assumptions based on your own culture that led to embarrassing moments overseas?