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International Business: Dealing With Corruption When It’s The Norm


{#/pub/images/CorporateCorruption.jpg}If you work internationally, or plan to some day, there are unspoken truths that you may face.


1) Beyond all the objectives you are sent to accomplish, you must achieve them without hurting business results.


2) The methods you are used to working with may not be accepted or understood by the locals.


3) The local methods for conducting business competitively may include behaviors you view as corrupt.


Although it makes you uncomfortable, corruption may be a perfectly normal and acceptable practice in your new surroundings.  You must not and can not participate in behaviors deemed unethical or illegal in your home country, so how do you move forward to integrate your rules without compromising business results?  There is a fine line.

This article tackles the subject by giving Six Tips To Balancing Ethical Obligations With Realistic Expectations. Please check it out.

International Business: Dealing With Corruption When It’s The Norm


{#/pub/images/debbienicol.jpg}Written by Debbie NicolManaging Director, 'business en motion' 
With leadership workshops, strategic approaches to organizational development and change, executive coaching and public speaking engagements, Debbie’s USP is the ability to open minds of those around her. Offering both traditional and contemporary toolkits focused on story-telling as the impetus for self and corporate leadership change. Sectors span across Asia, Africa and specializing in Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.


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