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Common job issues and solutions in Marketing & Communications

Listen to your customers, find out what they like about your products and what they don’t like; find out the same about your competitor’s products.  Do research in the target customer group: what needs do they have that are not getting...(more)

Over communicate the plan once it is complete, but more importantly, include other departments into your planning process so that the implementation will be a success.  Understand their needs and concerns and let them be part of the...(more)

Work with your IT, Sales and Customer Service groups to learn the system.  Data mining is very important to your job so take the time to know your ERP system and generate the reports required to help you make decisions and track your...(more)

Define the problem first, what are you trying to overcome, what opportunity are you trying to fill, etc.  This is the strategy.  Once you define the strategy, let it drive the tactical actions.  Be creative but focus on achieving your...(more)

Carve out time with your client before a program launch to discuss success and failure paths.  Come to an agreement & form an action plan for each path.  Use a stage gate process and define milestones.  Utilize tools described in the...(more)


Do you have a formal process in place to track ROI for your marketing programs?