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When Is My Business Big Enough To Get Marketing Done Externally?


ExternalMarketing.jpgHere’s a question that is surely not easy to answer – though it’s probably on every small business owner’s lips. How can you tell when the time has come to hire an agency to take care of all of your marketing needs?


Choosing to externalize your marketing activities is a big step for you since your business’ success relies on the wisdom of your choice. There are numerous factors that can make or break your small business’ plan, which makes it more difficult than it already was. Your current situation, your resources, and your goals can all have a say in determining whether it’s wise to outsource your marketing.


With that in mind, here’s what you need to consider when thinking about externalizing your marketing.



Externalizing your marketing activities brings along increased benefits, such as:

  • Strategic Insight: A professional marketing agency can bring coherence to your strategy and centralize the multiple, scattered visions you had until now.

  • Thorough Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring: A professional marketing organization has more experience regarding how to keep things on the right track.

  • Costs: It might sound the other way around, but externalizing your marketing activity makes a lot of financial sense. Marketing consultants can come up with a personalized offer to target both your marketing goals and budget in the most efficient way.


If getting your marketing done externally sounds appealing to you, then your first concern needs to be finding a professional internet marketing agency that can target your specific customer profile and your business goals.



But, When Is It the Right Moment to Externalize Your Marketing Efforts?

Here is where you will have to chip in and do the math to get your perfect answer. It should go without saying that weighing the pros and cons of externalizing your marketing activity is essential. But, rather than just considering your current situation and needs, you need to assess how much of an improvement such a change would bring to your business efforts. Needless to say, even if you start with a small budget, you might make a much better investment from a long-term perspective by trusting a professional third party to take care of your marketing.


So as far as how early is too early, the answer might just be: never. Or, that it depends on what you want. Businesses can grow organically, of course, but when you start off with a great marketing plan, things are set to go on a totally different path. Getting into the business world with a coherent, strong marketing strategy can take your company to the next level in no to very little time.


Obviously, not every company can or should start off directly with a third party marketing expert or team. But among some of the clear benefits externalization can bring to you is the diversity of talent they provide that might otherwise be inaccessible to you – at least while your company is still making a name for itself. Having access to a team of professionals that together bring along a thorough, wide understanding of the industry is priceless.


Marketing has become more personalized and strategic than ever before. The market has changed, and customers are experiencing an impressive array of choices. While you might be the expert in your niche, your efforts will always be overshadowed if your marketing is inefficient. A strong marketing strategy requires an in-depth knowledge of both marketing and your specific industry.


Do you have a formal process in place to track ROI for your marketing programs?