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Focus on these things to succeed in Marketing & Communications

  Growing your blog takes a great deal of time and effort. It's something that requires you to be consistent even on days when you are too exhausted to do anything. In a way, you have to marry your blog and ensure that you do everything you know...(more)

Businesses that want to work with the government quickly realise that doing so is very different from working with other businesses or selling directly to the consumer. This is because there is a finite number of government agencies, program managers...(more)

  With society well into the digital age, it's not hard to identify a few of the many ways technology has impacted our lives. In the field of marketing, where staying on top of trends and tools is the best way to reach success, technology is a...(more)

  With the current popularity of digital marketing, it’s easy to underestimate the power of print advertising. However, written ads are still an effective method of winning customers and making sales — 40% of consumers have made...(more)

Every business needs to invest some time and money into their marketing team if they want to grow and develop. Trying to advance your business can be very difficult, and what used to be effective generations ago no longer works. Instead, with the...(more)

  What makes a Coke different from a Pepsi? What makes a Ford pickup truck different from a Chevrolet? What makes an Apple iPhone different from a Samsung Galaxy? While these six products occupy three very different categories, the main thing...(more)

  Starting an ecommerce store is a great way to break into sales without having to rent or buy a commercial space, set up display cases or rotate inventory by season. In other words, it already frees entrepreneurs from many of the expenditures...(more)

  If you are looking for inspiration to help you design your company email signature, then there is a lot of different examples you can find online. When it comes to creating your email signature, make sure you do not rush it and plan it out...(more)

  Thanks to the digital age, there are loads of interesting marketing formats and platforms available to businesses. With so many options, it can be easy to forget about the huge opportunities face-to-face marketing presents, especially at...(more)

Here’s a question that is surely not easy to answer – though it’s probably on every small business owner’s lips. How can you tell when the time has come to hire an agency to take care of all of your marketing...(more)

Done properly, online marketing plays a big role in the success of a business today, from small start-ups to multinational corporations. In many industries, online marketing has overtaken traditional marketing initiatives. For many marketers, those...(more)

Have you ever found similarities between the game of cricket and managing a multinational?    I have.   You see, in the game of cricket, unlike soccer and baseball, there are no specifications for the size or the shape of the field....(more)

It’s no longer round the corner. It’s here.     We are wading through it… neck deep… feeling for pointers, directions and clues to help us move in the right direction.   Marketing in the ‘new...(more)

You believe in the potential of thought leadership marketing. You know it can be a game changer. You see it working wonders for businesses all around. But, wait a second: How do you make it work for yourself?   Thought leadership marketing...(more)

Here’s the thing. You cannot claim to be a thought leader. However, if you are a thought leader, it would be sinful not to claim your leadership. Get it?   Brian Clark, the incredibly talented and insightful founder of Copyblogger, is of...(more)

Your mates at the water cooler mentioned the term. It was bandied about at the recent conference too. It is not only popping up in your blog feed with increasing frequency, but heck, is even in the news. Here are five good reasons why you should stop...(more)

An assessment of businesses’ adoption and execution of the thought leadership function. Introduction Thought Starters conducted a survey that included CXOs, EVPs and Marketing managers from companies across Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia...(more)

Is your company innovative?  Are you doing your part? Does your company have an R&D group that appears very busy to everyone, spends millions of dollars, and never seems to roll out any success stories?   Do you wonder how other...(more)

There is often a stigma around how marketing dollars are spent.  Business leaders don’t always fully understand marketing programs or how all the elements tie together.  Other department heads get frustrated when, in their opinion,...(more)

There are so many options when it comes to marketing these days; knowing where to focus can be overwhelming.  Create the Strategy…Choose the Tools…Implement the Plan is no longer going to cut it in today’s competitive...(more)

You have a new product that is ready to launch, a new service, a new ad campaign, or a new website…at what point do you promote it internally?  Do you make the effort to inform employees in your organization of your marketing efforts? ...(more)


Do you have a formal process in place to track ROI for your marketing programs?