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What do you do to influence EFFECTIVE Marketing in your company?

Posted in Marketing & Communications on January 25, 2013
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How do you define "Effecitve Marketing"?  For me Effective means…spend the least amount of money to convert the greatest amount of sustainable revenue in the shortest amount of time.


Do you agree?  How well does your organization participate in marketing implementation?  Is it a company wide effort, or a marketing one?

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amr posted on: June 12, 2013

While I believe raising value is essential to successful marketing, maintaining the brand and its development during the evolution of this era is vital.
I try to ensure the image of our company and our clients is preserved on all digital forms.

sandeeps11 posted on: May 18, 2013

Effective marketing needs a effective communication and effective presentation skill to achieve the goals.

Shadi posted on: February 17, 2013

Hi Lisa,
Your question very specific here…, I think a consistent approach that always works if all marketing member has been trained how to approach the market with good background of the challenges…

Lisa Woods posted on: January 29, 2013

Thank you for your comment Shadi. I agree, a collective service proposition that is developed throughout the company is an essential aspect of an effective marketing program.

What other aspects need to be coordinated in order to launch a successful marketing effort? Does anyone have examples of key metrics they used that link throughout their organization related to a marketing launch?

Shadi posted on: January 27, 2013

effective Marketing is the quality of how marketers go to market with the excellencies and good performance
yes I agree since the business purpose is raising value
the key point in my opinion is to by shown an interest in the quality of service which will be implemented by efforts of company and individual.

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Do you have a formal process in place to track ROI for your marketing programs?