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The Most Important Business Skills for 2021


2020 has been a strange year for everyone. We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life and a new way of doing business. Many people are now working from home full-time, which has shifted how people communicate with their managers and colleagues.


With these changes, how should people adapt so they can thrive in the new world of business? By understanding the new way of doing things and upgrading their skillsets to match the needs of organizations. Here are the business skills that will matter most in 2021.


Measuring & Optimizing for ROI 

Now that we live in a data-driven world, it’s quite easy to measure performance, whether for quarterly revenue or a marketing campaign. The ability to measure and assess potential ROI is a valuable skill in today’s lean business world. With the state of the economy, most organizations can’t afford to waste a single penny in 2021.



Thanks to the rapid pace of technology, our world is constantly changing. People who want to succeed in business need to be able to change along with it. “Learnability” is the ability to learn new skills quickly, unlearn skills that are no longer relevant, and relearn concepts that are already familiar.


Learnability is different from adaptability because it directly applies to knowledge and information. It’s no longer enough to be an expert in something—people have to be prepared to pivot and learn something new at a moment’s notice.


Data & Business Analysis 

Everything in business is now data-driven. Data science used to be a rare and mysterious field, but as the availability of business analysis software has improved, this skill has become standard for anyone who wants to thrive in the world of business.


It’s not necessary to be a full-fledged data scientist or even a data expert. But knowing how to use analysis tools and gain insights from data is a huge plus for organizations in all industries. 



With most of the business world working and meeting remotely, communication skills are more important in 2020. Virtual meetings are the norm, and many people are discovering that their communication skills aren’t quite up to the task of working with people remotely.


To do well in the virtual workplace that will continue into 2021, professionals need to work on their communication skills. They need to realize that remote work means MORE communication, not less.


Comfort with Change

Back in the early spring, many people suddenly had to navigate the ups and downs of working from home. That change caught a lot of people off balance, but some rose to the occasion and used the opportunity to improve their work and productivity. Organizational change is a given, but this year brought much more than usual.


Change is uncomfortable for people as a general rule. They would much rather stay in their comfort zone. But with the arrival of COVID-19, it’s clear that we don’t have that luxury anymore. The people who will do best in business are those who can adapt and be comfortable with change, no matter what 2021 brings.


If this year has taught us anything, it’s this: people who are ready for anything are those who will thrive in a world of uncertainty. In 2021 and beyond, the ability to tolerate change will be one of the most important skills of all.



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