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Focus on these things to succeed in Middle Manager

  2020 has been a strange year for everyone. We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life and a new way of doing business. Many people are now working from home full-time, which has shifted how people communicate with their managers and...(more)

The world now moves at a more rapid pace than ever before, meaning we all feel the pressure to be as productive as possible on a daily basis. This need for productivity is often strongest in the workplace, where employees and employers are keen for a...(more)

  Improvement is necessary for every business. Whether you are an employer or an employee, if you are not evolving, you might fail soon. Reason? Competition. Honing your skills is one way of standing steps ahead of your competition. And when...(more)

When studying management or leadership, you’ll probably learn about Six Management Styles, when to use them, when not to use them. You may even participate in a DISC personality assessment to determine where your natural management temperament...(more)

Many leaders that I work with really want to focus on external activities.  Perfect planning.  Clear calendars.  Great goals.  It feels like you are getting a lot more done that way, right?   As a new leader, I would love it...(more)

According to the 2014 Conference Board CEO Challenge, “Building a culture that supports engagement, employee training, leadership development, and high performance is something companies can control, and can mean the difference between...(more)

I am rarely shocked anymore when a client tells me they aren’t clear on the key deliverables of his or her job. Or that they don’t have regular conversations with their manager. Or that the relationship is difficult.    As a...(more)

The stats about employee engagement are dismal, there’s no doubt. Up to 70% of employees appear to be disengaged at some level. 75% of employees cite their manager as being the biggest source of stress in the workplace.    And...(more)

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to create a balance between knowing what you don’t know and that what you do know can be improved.  It also means you have the ability to see the same knowledge and balance in others; teaching them how to...(more)

Is your management team preventing growth or are they a competitive advantage? Two common themes exist in most organizations.  “Upper Management is too distant.”  “Middle Management is too independent.” ...(more)

Do your team or project meetings sound something like this… “Oh, was I supposed to do that?  I thought someone else had that responsibility.  Was that due already?”  When you ask someone for an update on a task that was...(more)

Your organization counts on you to get things done.  So how do you ensure your influence, as a Middle Manager, is enough to lead the charge?  Are you doing the right things?  Here are six important tips to create an environment that sets...(more)

How do you measure your own work efficiency?     When referring to a person’s efficiency, measuring work output/work input is not enough.  Instead, there are six variables that determine a person’s work...(more)

Breaking Down Departmental Silos: Finance    In Business spending money is just as important as making money.  Do you do a good job justifying how money should be spent for your department?  If you work in Finance, do you integrate...(more)

Do you want to change the way your team does business?   There are many philosophies out there on corporate culture.  Some say that it needs to be cultivated over time, but there are ways you can influence your corporate culture by leading...(more)

How do you build a strong team? As a Manager, you are only as good as those you manage.  So what if the people you manage don’t feel respected or included in your team?  By taking the time to know your employees, listen to them and help...(more)


Do your employees feel like you listen to them?