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Is your team fully engaged when you lead them?

Posted in Senior Manager on April 4, 2013
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What communication strategies do you use to engage your team in the activities that are important to you?


Christina Haxton presented an article defining 5 Brain Based Learning Strategies for Leadership Effectiveness.  It is very easy to lose focus on your communication effectiveness because your perception of yourself often differs from how your team sees you.


Christina gives an example of "Jeff", a new senior manager who is having difficulty engaging his team.  He does a mental transformation, understanding that a change in communication style is sometimes necessary to succeed.


Please take a look at the article and try to identify the brain-based learning strategies in Jeff’s coaching session.  What will you try?  If you are willing to take action to become a Sustainable Leader, feel free to post your comment, question or goal in our Senior Manager Community where we can continue the conversation.


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