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Common job issues and solutions in Small Business Owner

Get out there and sell more, utilize new ways to access potential customers, avoid the rut of waiting for what you are doing to work…try something...(more)

Have an open discussion with your employee, set goals and stick to them.  This is your livelihood; if your employees are not making you successful, replace...(more)

Use on-line forums to reach target customers, attend trade shows and use targeted press releases.  Marketing is expensive but if done properly it will make money for...(more)

Try to automate your paperwork.  Prioritize what needs to get done and stay up to...(more)

Review your payment policy, reach out to customers and don’t be afraid to fire them if they don’t pay.  Consider outsourcing collections, and transitioning to credit cards or other pre-pay...(more)

Offer a broad range of customer focused products to differentiate from large...(more)

Networking, marketing, hiring commission only sales people, use telemarketers,...(more)

Participate in trade associations and conduct market research. Online research, as well as talking with your current customers is a great way to follow what is happening so you are able to change with your...(more)

Conserve cash and continuously identify ways to raise capital.  Investigate additional revenue streams to ensure if one is slow, the others will compensate.  Make sure you are charging a high enough, yet competitive, price for your products...(more)

Create a fun and rewarding work environment where people can learn by doing new things to grow professionally without traditional promotions.  Utilize a reward system linked to business...(more)

Get out to events, visit and talk with your customers more, participate in trade associations or your local business groups.  Create and build your...(more)


How do you fund your small business?