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Common job issues and solutions in Transitioned Military Officer

1.   I know it all - You have been taught to maintain a “command presence” and be in charge at all times which includes showing zero hesitation or doubt in leadership decisions even if all the details are not clear to you.  In...(more)

Build an “emotional bank account” with your employees. Get to know them and support their...(more)

You have to learn to be very flexible, adaptable and to think outside the box.  Treat the company’s money as if it were your...(more)

Provide statistics and dollars saved in terms that everyone understands.  Avoid acronyms in both written and verbal...(more)

Establish a strong professional network with others in similar fields/backgrounds.  Learning from other’s experiences will help you modify your approach to your new...(more)

Learn how to communicate the same message to people in multiple ways.  Focus on being understood, not just being heard.  Effective communication will break down barriers and level the field between you and those you work...(more)

Follow the agreement to the letter.  Hold the union to the...(more)

You have to learn to be very flexible, adaptable and to think outside the...(more)

Practice interviews, resume reviews, professional networking.  Use a recruiter to talk you through the...(more)

Stay involved in veteran/alumni groups; keep your network active and...(more)

Watch how other successful salary people deal with employees and apply your own leadership style to...(more)

Set measurable goals and hold your people to...(more)


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