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Focus on these things to succeed in Transitioned Military Officer

By Dan Woods, VP & COO ManagingAmericans.com I recently had the opportunity to visit with Tom Wolfe, an expert in the field of military-to-civilian career transition.  Tom discussed his own transition experience, as well as tips and...(more)

Here is a list of companies who actively hire Military Officers transitioning to the private sector:   USAA (Insurance) "Junior Military Officer Program": Roughly sixteen functional opportunities.  Typically spend the first 90 days in a...(more)

As your contemplate a military transition with both excitement and reservations you might wonder what the different options are available for your transition. The good news is that there are a lot of paths you as a Junior Military Officer can take for...(more)

  Network, Network, Network...  I can't say how many times the effective use of someone's network and leveraging that to expand relationships and meet others results in successful employment. You never know where it might lead, but you...(more)

My Decision to leave the Military For those Military Officers out there who are currently in the decision process to transition from the military or not I thought it might be useful to walk through my logic for departing the military. I am not...(more)

Leading people and gaining buy-in is more difficult without the common bond of service.  Civilian employees will work on a team, however it is up to you build the team and convince them to work together.  The hierarchy is based on earned...(more)

Decisions are not always black and white in the business world.  Politics can play a role in decision-making leading to questions of logic and motivation.  Be aware of the political environment; understanding that you will never know...(more)

Although the entire company may not function as a cohesive unit, the great thing about civilian leadership is the ability to create your own team of qualified people to move forward and achieve goals. Keep in mind there is a major difference between...(more)

You will be expected to make decisions based on the information you gathered and others have gathered for you.  If you don’t show good results from your work, you risk losing your job.  Compared to the risks you take in the military,...(more)

Transitioning to life in the corporate world is a big challenge.  One of the best ways to understand it and ensure you don’t feel isolated is to reach out to others like you.  ManagingAmericans.com is one way to do that.  You can...(more)

In the military you are reviewed formally every few months.  This constant feedback is not very typical in the civilian work environment.  Talk with your manager about your desire to be reviewed on a more structured basis.  Even if this...(more)


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