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3 Easy Steps to Create a Communication Plan

By Emilie Shoop (883 words)
Posted in Management on February 27, 2015

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When we move into leadership roles or as teams change, the biggest struggle is often figuring out how to communicate with each other.  We all know that we should communicate more.  We all know how important communication is to have a successful team.  Yet, somehow good communication seems to elude even the most seasoned leaders.


As a new leader, you will definitely succeed faster the sooner you have communication flowing on your new team.  Through working with clients and in my own experiences, I began to see that just as it is important to have project plans, working plans, and resource plans, we need to have Communication Plans.  Communication Plans allow everyone to understand how information is going to flow to and from you (the leader), to and from each other, and to and from other teams.


For each project, team initiative, or task at hand, you will want to have a clear Communication Plan.  Once you have identified what you are working on with your team, you will want to create the Communication Plan.  It is hard to create a plan if you don’t know what you are planning for!


3 Easy Steps to Create a Communication Plan


1. Start by deciding what the result is you are looking for by having communication. 


It seems simple, but it is the most skipped over step.  For example, if you have delegated an assignment to a member of your team, what do you hope to gain by communicating?  Is it that you want them to seek feedback at certain intervals?  Is it that you want them to keep you updated on progress?  Is it that you just want to know when the task is done?  Without knowing the result you are looking for, it’s hard to determine if and when you and your team member should be communicating.


2. Next, you want to ask what the best way to share this type of information would be. 


With the example where you have delegated an assignment to a member of your team, ask them how it would be best for them to receive what they need from you.  Do not settle for “whatever you think”, which is the most common answer.  Push back and let them tell you how best they operate.  Some prefer a quick 3 minute conversation, other prefer a 3 sentence email, others instant messaging, and so on.  The point is to understand the best way to get the result with this individual.

3. The last step is to review and adjust. 


Change takes time, so as you are figuring out how to communicate there will be times where you are layering and layering the result you are looking for.  There will be times when it just doesn’t seem to be working.  Give it time and most importantly be open to figuring out where the breakdown happened.  It is more important to learn from communication going well, than to worry about being right or wrong.  You and your team will grow stronger because of it, and it will shine through in your communication.


Take the time to create a Communication Plan for everything you do, and you will be surprised at how easy it becomes.  The more I see leaders put it in to action, the more I hear about how they can’t imagine how they lead a team, or worked with anyone for that matter, without having these plans in place.  Focus on the result you want, and help others help you find the way.  Clear and consistent communication will help you take your leadership full throttle!


If your team struggles with communication, contact me and I’d be happy to help! 



{#/pub/images/EmilieShoop2014.jpg}Written by Emilie Shoop, Creator and Leader of Shoop Training & Consulting A sought after Coach, Mompreneur, Strategist, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Trainer & Business Consultant, Emilie works with people who are ready for that next level of success, and realize how they work with people is KEY.  Her coaching will help you lead, delegate, sell, collaborate, perform, influence, and relate with people to launch your success to the next level. She provides clients, teams and organizations the skills and tools for leadership and professional excellence.


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Comments (5)

Elizabeth posted on: June 13, 2016

You have skillfully condensed the process leading to a communications plan into three key areas of focus.I would like to add that the plan must be aligned to overall organizational goals and strategies and there should be continuous audit to assess status and respond to changing scenarios in the competitive environment.

Mohamed Elhusseny posted on: January 11, 2017

Powerful Guidebook will take you in a journey from start to mastering Communication Skills.

Neha Das posted on: September 18, 2020

Amazing Blog!!! I have been looking for a communication skill consultant for all the communication plans and etc to execute at my firm. Could you suggest one.

ayushi posted on: December 12, 2020

Communication is crucial to ensure effective learning and growth. How can you overcome and bridge communication gaps in a learning organization? Find out here https://www.peoplehum.com/blog/how-to-overcome-communication-gaps-in-learning-organization

christopher factor posted on: March 30, 2023


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