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Focus on these things to succeed in Customer Service

Barry had been diligently chipping away at his list of suspended customer accounts.  Management wanted him to keep his over 60-day numbers below 3% and month after month he hovered right at 2.9%. He was proud of that.  He had figured out that...(more)

“Wax on- wax off!”  Admit it. The original Karate Kid movie is great.  In it good triumphs over evil and the mean people get their just deserts.  I somehow feel more motivated to fight the good fight myself after watching a...(more)

I once asked a manager why he was so calm with so many problems that needed fixing. He told me that he had served in the military.  What he had to deal with then was a matter of life or death.  Now, he didn’t have that kind of...(more)

Professional sellers know that it’s both easy to do and imperative not to do. Taking a customer for granted and assuming current customers will always be customers is short-sighted and irresponsible in selling. When customers begin to feel...(more)

    Incentive Planning By Mary Paige Forrester   The following information is a compilation from many sources and reflects my personal experience in management in the call center industry. The author takes no...(more)

Do you know what the difference is between a happy customer and a complacent one?  The happy customer is loyal and the complacent customer is not.  How do your customers feel about doing business with you?  What does your company do to...(more)

No matter what position you hold in your organization, customer service should be part of your job.  We encourage you to read through these success tips for customer service and ask yourself what you can do to help support and improve the...(more)


What department in your company has more paralyzing process constraints?