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Common job issues and solutions in Customer Service

I have noticed that some medical practices and hospitals have invested a lot of time, money and effort in creating newspaper ads, billboard signs and commercials that show the happy faces of care givers who can’t wait for the patients (customers)...(more)

Be calm and professional.  Understand the customer will be upset and be an ear for them to show empathy.  Don’t give false promises, but show confidence that they matter.  Explain that you are doing everything you can to make it...(more)

Fix the issues as seamlessly as possible by gathering as much information up front and solving it by either a credit/replacement order or getting them what they need within...(more)

Solve the customer issue first.  Put corrective actions in place to minimize these types of errors and train the entire team on the corrective...(more)

Training…Training…Training.  Try to have customer service reps visit the manufacturing location, meet the people and understand the process.  They need to be able to communicate effectively and having met the people face-to-face...(more)

Have regular meetings to pull the team together, plus regular reviews of customer service metrics using the group to discuss continuous improvement...(more)


What department in your company has more paralyzing process constraints?