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A First Time Manager’s Guide to Building Self Confidence

Posted in First Time Manager or Supervisor on September 27, 2012
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{#/pub/images/FirstTimeManagerBuildingSelfConfidence.jpg}You have become a new manager...Congratulations.  So what can you do to build confidence when you don’t have all the answers?  In her recent article, Emilie Shoop, our Expert Panelist and Creator of Shoop Training & Consulting, discusses A First Time Manager's Guide to Building Self Confidence and the benefits of building a confidence foundation to understand the value you bring vs seasoned managers.


She outlines three pillars of focus to build your confidence foundation:

1) Fresh Perspective

2) New Connections

3) Energy


Knowing you are an asset to the organization is important; being able to define what makes you that way is essential to weeding through uncertainty in your new job.  It will give you strength and enable you to find the answers to new questions and challenges you now face.

What new challenges are you facing in your new management role?  Can you think of examples where these three pillars could help you build your confidence?


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Comments (1)

Emilie Shoop posted on: October 8, 2012

When I was frustrated in my new roles, one of the things I would try to remember was that list of things I said "if I were the manager, I would...". Then, I'd try to implement one of those ideas. That always felt great! How about you?

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