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A Tragic Tale of Low Standards, Poor Leadership & Job Loss


{#/pub/images/downsizing.jpg}When results start to decline business leaders start to put more pressure on their sales team, maybe they start dropping prices to get more revenue, or make other changes to satisfy the urgency of the situation.  Profit losses are not just driven by sales, sometimes they are quality, supply or service related.  The bottom line...without a strong, forward thinking and accountable leadership team, poor results are not noticed until it is too late.

When businesses fail, leadership is the best place to focus; unfortunately that is not what happens.  Instead, cuts are made at the core of the company, the employees who were led by others.  It is a vicious spiral that can be changed IF Human Resource Professionals and company Leadership are willing to raise both their employee hiring and maintaining standards.


This article is a must read. It addresses the standards at which we retain and hire employees and the mistakes we often make.  It's a a story of a company faced with this dilemma, real a tragic tale. One that hopefully influences other businesses to make better decisions. Please check it out.


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{#/pub/images/JosephSkursky.jpg}Written by Joseph Skursky, President of Market Leader Solutions    For almost 20 years, Joseph Skursky has been growing businesses and advising leaders in companies across North America. His model of Leadership, People, and Execution provides a clear roadmap to grow almost any business. It has been field-tested and proven effective for over 9 years. Joseph Skursky helps companies hire with confidence, manage without frustration, and increase both productivity and profitability. His “Hire Hard, Manage Easy” system  has earned the respect of colleagues and clients alike. More importantly, it delivers consistent results.


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