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Four Not So Obvious Reasons People Get Fired Or Rejected For Promotions


Are you at risk of losing your job or being passed over for promotion?


Besides all the obvious reasons such as theft, lying, not showing up for work and poor performance, there are other underlying reasons why people are let go when there is a downsizing or restructuring.  They are the same reasons they are passed up on promotions and opportunities to advance their careers.  Take a look through them and ask yourself if you are at risk.


Here Are Four Not So Obvious Reasons People Get Fired Or Passed Over For Promotions.


They Are Not Good Listeners

Another way to describe this characteristic is someone that always thinks they are right.  When you think you are right, you don’t feel the need to listen to other opinions or ways of doing something.  Most Managers do not see a future for employees that make it difficult for them to implement changes they want to make.  It takes too much time to get things done, and reduces the flexibility of the department.

…Instead, individuals that make an effort to ask their boss for their opinion are more likely to be asked the same by their boss.  Creating this exchange on a regular basis will build a mutual respect that will allow your ideas and opinions to be heard and bought into.


They Believe They Should Be Doing Something More Important

Employees that carry a chip on their shoulder because they think they are better than the job they currently have rarely get taken seriously.  If they were so great they would actually have the job they keep talking about. 

…Instead, individuals that focus on their current job, excel at it, and offer assistance to others, including the person with the job they are interested advancing to, actually get taken seriously for advancing into that position.


They Don’t Make An Effort To Adapt

Employers want to grow the business, move forward and stay ahead of the competition.  If an Employee is not moving at the speed of their boss, is not staying updated on technology, concepts and training, and is not bringing new innovated ideas to the team, then the Employer will not have confidence that that employee is worth investing in to move the company forward.

…Instead, individuals that take charge of their own professional development, grow their knowledge base, continue their education, stay updated on industry and professional innovations, and bring new ideas to the company, prove they are invaluable to the company’s future.


They Don’t Know How To Effectively Communicate

Managers want to know what is going on, they want to see progress and understand problem areas are being addressed.  Often individuals are good in their jobs but do not know how to share information.  They are seen as brick walls and are passed up for individuals that can be informants upwards and ambassadors to those below and beside them.

…Instead, individuals that create regular, detailed reports to their boss, whether that be via in person updates, or weekly/monthly reports, are considered more trustworthy.  Especially if they are reporting both positive and negative information, along with action plans for improvements and status updates.  Improving presentation skills of all forms (one-on-one dialog, reports, & presentations) will help no matter what you


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