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Common job issues and solutions in Middle Manager

Building an environment based on teamwork.


Here are some steps to take to build an environment based on teamwork:


  • Focus on the customer and document the system/business model that takes place and where your team members fit into it. 


  • Create a common understanding that the big picture puzzle relies on all people working as a team; discuss the impact of a smooth working team vs. a dysfunctional one.


  • Establish common and individual goals, share them with one another and have regular meetings to evaluate what is working and where improvement needs to take place. 


  • Encourage team members to champion their own improvement plans.  What can they do as individuals to make the team function smoother.


There a a couple of external resources you can turn to for help building your team environment:

  1. Have team meetings every month or every quarter outside the office using an offsite meeting location.  Many offsite locations have team facilitators on premises that can prepare some team building functions for you.
  2. Hire a consultant to do some customized team building training for your group.
  3. Organize a team retreat at an offsite with team adventure courses to build comradery.

You can search for offsite locations, team facilitators and consultants right here on our website.


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