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Common job issues and solutions in Middle Manager

Effective team communication is critical to your success a leader.  Each member on your team, including you, needs to know what is going on, deadlines, expectations, budgets, and more.  When information is flowing freely, your team is able to...(more)

As a Manager, you are only as good as those you manage.  Take the time and know your employees, listen to them and help them to feel included.  How can you do this?  Try to incorporate these practices into your management...(more)

Maintain consistent ongoing feedback on goals, results and documented career path options.  You must balance constructive feedback with opportunity including training programs to help them succeed to the next level they are interested in.  If...(more)

Maintain an ongoing dialog with employees on company results, and targets.  Focus on individual and team goals.  As long as these goals are clear and employees get regular feedback, personnel changes will not be as surprising and individuals...(more)

Here are some steps to take to build an environment based on teamwork:   Focus on the customer and document the system/business model that takes place and where your team members fit into it.    Create a common understanding...(more)

Proactively encourage involvement by providing regular updates on your goals and results, open issues, potential solutions and areas where you need support from management.  Don’t be insulted by the distance, it may be because they feel you...(more)

From time to time we survey business professionals regarding challenges they face.  One of the most common responses is that they lack the tools & resources to do their jobs effectively.  This struggle spans all job levels and departmental...(more)


Do your employees feel like you listen to them?