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Common job issues and solutions in Middle Manager

Losing sight of the group you are managing.


As a Manager, you are only as good as those you manage.  Take the time and know your employees, listen to them and help them to feel included.  How can you do this?  Try to incorporate these practices into your management routine:


1) When you get into the office each day, go around and say hello to everyone on your team.  You don't need to have lengthy conversations all the time, but a friendly acknowledgement goes a long way.


2) Once a week take the time to have lunch with one of your employees, rotating through them to include everyone before going repeating any.  During these lunches ask them how they are doing, ask for specific updates on things they are working on, give them advice on ways to move things along, and ask if they need your help with anything.  Over time your employees will learn to be very prepared for these discussions and very productive prior to them.  If you are not in an environment where you can take them out to lunch, bring lunch into your office or go grab a cup of coffee with them in the lunch room or cafeteria.


3) Give your employees attention when they speak to you.  In meetings, or when they come to see you, use eye contact, take notes, and ask questions.  Make them feel relevant.


Do your employees feel like you listen to them?