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7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Team Communication


{#/pub/images/7HorribleMistakesYoureMakingwithTeamCommunication.jpg}Effective team communication is critical to your success a leader.  Each member on your team, including you, needs to know what is going on, deadlines, expectations, budgets, and more.  When information is flowing freely, your team is able to reach and exceed goals.


We all get busy.  We all have more than enough work to fill each day.  We all get stressed.  Unfortunately, that is when our communication skills tend to take a backseat to our other priorities.


Here are the mistakes either I have been guilty of, or my clients have run into that stall out the communication in our teams.  These are in no particular order, but feel free to rank them in the order that fits your team’s needs and work on them that way.


7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Team Communication


#1) Not having a plan.

Planning for communication seems like a waste of time to most busy people I know.  However, those that have the steps mapped out to keep information flowing cannot imagine how it would work otherwise.  Take the time to figure out how, when, and what information is to be shared by whom.


#2) Not being available.


If everyone on the team is constantly running to meetings, or head’s down working with headphones on, information doesn’t flow.  Create an environment where people can engage as needed.  On one team I had, we set times where we all worked around the same conference table on separate projects.  We could interrupt with questions as needed.


#3) Not answering questions.


Did you promise to give someone a piece of information they needed to proceed?  Blocking on that information can create a domino effect on the team.  Keep track of what you said you would do.  Then, follow through.


#4) Being emotional.


You can be doing everything right, but if you seem emotional about the work being done, it will be hard for information to flow through you.  In fact, most of my clients complain because the information seems to flow around them instead.  It’s ok to be stressed, just be sure you are not taking it out on others.


#5) Saying too much.


Are you dominating every conversation you are in?  If so, you are likely missing out on valuable feedback from your team.  Share your expertise, but make sure your team can share theirs as well.


#6) Making assumptions.


We all know what that leads to, but we all do it.  The busier you are, the more important it is to stop and make sure that you understood what was being communicated to you correctly.  This will also help you avoid conflicts down the road.


#7) Not asking enough questions.


My family operates by the motto “No News is Good News.”  If something is not going well, I will get a phone call.  All too often, I’ve seen this used in the workplace as well.  Do not assume your team will tell you if they are struggling while you still have time to help out.  Ask how things are going on a regular basis so you can stay ahead of the game.



Every team makes communication mistakes from time to time, especially when things are really stressful and busy.  Remind your team that communication is critical to everyone’s success.  Engage and course correct along the way to ensure information flows freely on your team.



{#/pub/images/EmilieShoop2014.jpg}Written by Emilie Shoop, Creator and Leader of Shoop Training & Consulting A sought after Coach, Mompreneur, Strategist, Mentor, Speaker, Author, Trainer & Business Consultant, Emilie works with people who are ready for that next level of success, and realize how they work with people is KEY.  Her coaching will help you lead, delegate, sell, collaborate, perform, influence, and relate with people to launch your success to the next level. She provides clients, teams and organizations the skills and tools for leadership and professional excellence.



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