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Your boss doesn’t take your input seriously, how can you change that?

Posted in Middle Manager on May 18, 2012
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You are due for another weekly team meeting.  There has been an agenda item on the table for three weeks already that keeps getting pushed off because of more pressing matters.  Of course the agenda item is yours.  How can you turn this week’s meeting into the one where you get your idea heard?

Comments (4)

Tristan posted on: May 30, 2012

I agree with StanBR89. I would get things done outside the meeting.

Lisa Woods posted on: May 18, 2012

@Douglasb08 - It may be worth your while to have a candid conversation with your boss to find if there are other reasons your items are not discussed. Maybe there is legwork that needs to be done on your part prior to bringing agenda items to the team, or there are other issues your boss would like completed before addressing a new one. Are you in tune with your boss's priority list?

stanBR89 posted on: May 18, 2012

Maybe there are too many items on the agenda, or the item that keeps getting pushed is really not an important one. I think I would take it off the agenda and see if I can get things done outside of the meeting.

Douglasb08 posted on: May 18, 2012

Unfortunately I have had this experience too often when my agenda items get pushed out each meeting. I have not found a solution yet, but I think I will try contacting my boss before the meeting and asking specifically if we can move it to the first agenda item. I'm open to other solutions.

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