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Small Business: The Importance of Defining and Implementing Processes

Posted in Small Business Owner on November 26, 2012
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Whether you business is large or small, it’s well worth the effort to make processes clear. Removing ambiguity reduces stress for employees and headaches for management. It also makes the organization much more effective.  


However, small firms usually avoid defining formal procedures. They worry about becoming too rigid, and think attracting and retaining innovative staff will suffer, resulting in business challenges. The opposite is true.


In a recent blog post Gina Fedeli discusses how to implement processes in small businesses even when employees wear multiple hats. 


  1. What challenges do you, or have you, faced when it comes to making procedures consistent? 
  2. Is it difficult to implement policies when your resources are limited and everyone is expected to 'jump in' to fill any void? 
  3. Have you had success after implementing work processes?


Please share your experiences.

Comments (1)

Shadi posted on: February 3, 2013

the most difficult things is making one standard procedure for doing job in preferred way for different employees (the new employees)
most of time is not easy to implement the policies specially in the beginning ,but by time being and practicing it will become easy
yes most of the time it will come with the expected result by 80%

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