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50 Resolutions That Can Positively Impact Your Career

By Lisa Woods (813 words)
Posted in Professional Development on December 29, 2012

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As 2012 comes to an end and 2013 approaches, it is a great time to consider some resolutions that open opportunities for career growth and professional success.  Here are 50 ideas to spark actions plans for improvement.  What is it that you want to improve?  Are you doing what is necessary to get where you want to go in your career?  Now is the time…here is our first crack at a list in no particular order.  What will you do? 


1.  Create a Professional Reading List

2.  Join a Professional Association

3.  Find Someone to Mentor

4.  Find a Professional Mentor for Yourself

5.  Write Out Your Professional Goals and Post Where You Can See Them

6.  Commit to monthly or quarterly one-on-ones with each of your employees

7.  Get a Professional Certification or Finish Your Degree

8.  Join a Local Professional Networking Group

9.  Sign up For Volunteer Work

10. Be Appointed to A Board Of Directors (Corporate or Charitable Organization)

11. Attend Regular Networking Group Functions

12. Volunteer for Speaking Engagements at Trade Shows & Universities

13. Identify One Thing You Don’t Like to Do or are Not Good At & Create an Action Plan to Improve on it.

14. Focus More on the Life Portion of the Work/Life Equation

15. Exercise Regularly for stress relief, good health & clarity of mind.

16. Make a Concerted Effort to “Exceed Expectations” in Everything You Do

17. Keep a Journal and Reflect on Successes & Failures

18. Set & Review Monthly Goals: Measure Success

19. Define and Review Your Career Objectives: What do you want to be when you grow up?

20. Network Internally Within Your Organization: Get to know co-workers & others.

21. Review Career Opportunities Within Your Organization & Externally

22. Define or Develop a Hobby Outside of Work

23. Volunteer For Something At Work: lead a project or join a committee

24. Access Career Counseling From a University or Career Coach

25. Create a Calm Personal Life

26. Focus Your Time on Friends as Opposed to Your Enemies

27. Grow Your Professional Network

28. Seek Out Others That Need Help/Support and Actually Help Them

29. Limit Using Email as a form of Communication. Utilize Face-to-Face/Phone to Communicate & Email to Inform

30. Make Meetings Meaningful with an Official Start, End, Objectives, Actions & Accountability

31. Use an Action Item List to Track & Communicate Deliverables

32. Be Positive in Everything You Do

33. Listen More, Speak Less: Develop Active Listing Skills

34. Focus on Over Communicating to Ensure Everyone Understands You

35. Perfect What You Are Supposed To Do Before Asking For New Responsibly

36. Support the Efforts of Your Boss

37. Take a Class Or Participate in a Webinar

38. Update Your Wardrobe to Look & Feel Good 

39. Learn More About Your company

40. Learn More About Your Own Customers

41. Seek Opportunities to Develop & Utilize Your Leadership Skills 

42. Meet With Your Company’s Key Accounts.

43. Update/Refine Your Resume

44. Learn More About Your Company’s Competitors

45. Do Homework Before Meetings

46. Take the Time to Fully Understand Financial Reporting & Key Metrics (ask for training on these documents)

47. Give Thanks and Credit to Others: Go out of your way to do it.

48. Take a Class on Public Speaking

49. Actively Delegate to Your Employees & Your Boss

50. Subscribe to Blogs & Newsletters to Stay Up To Date on Your Industry & in Your Profession


This list is just a start to trigger ideas for your own professional development.  What will you do differently in 2013?  Please post here and keep us updated on your progress.  Let us know if we can help in any way.


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Good Luck!


Written by Lisa Woods,

President ManagingAmericans.com


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Comments (7)

Clemson Barry posted on: December 29, 2012

My New Year's (2013) resolution is to get more bookings for paid speaking engagements in the USA and Overseas.

Thanks for those tips. I will certainly incorporate some of those points during my preparation. I always speak about topics or issues that I have practiced in my profession. I usually prerpare and memorized daily a detail format of my speech 3 weeks before the event date. www.ConsultantBarry.com; and click on the link:- "Seminars & Workshops".

Kelly Strahm posted on: December 29, 2012

Excellent recommendations Lisa. I personally don't do new year resolutions but I am constantly setting and achieving goals. Thank you for covering all the bases so we can have a successful 2013!!

Hemal Sanghvi posted on: December 29, 2012

Very practical resolutions that should be part of every professional's day-to-day. Every year I do two way mentorship, at work and otherwise. And not only do I learn new skills & gain knowledge but it is very fulfilling, as well. Thank you for posting.

Wendy Johnson posted on: January 2, 2013

This is definitely a detailed list. I wrote my goals for the New Year, as I usually do, your list gave me a few more ideas. This year I want to focus on some of my long-term goals (i.e.writing a book and getting published, completing my degree, focusing on building my business). Thanks for sharing! I especially like find a mentor and join a professional group. I contacted a few volunteer organizations last week to begin my search of finding a good place to volunteer in my community.

Tim Tarver posted on: January 2, 2013

Indeed ! Making 2013 a year that will stand out than any other in the past... My plans are interesting for this year... Two of them i kind of started last year and is carrying onto this year. (certain goals that take time) One of them i have not finished yet but will be finished by... I give myself until March. There is one goal that is going to take up the whole year but really only lasts until about May.

Lídia Torres posted on: January 2, 2013

50 good resolutions. I' m going to put some into practice this New Year!

Meg Bertini posted on: January 2, 2013

Wow, that's a great list! The list touches on this by mentioning communication and listening more, but specifically I am focusing on not interrupting people. I get very excited during lively conversations, and an unfortunate side effect of that for me is interrupting others, which is horribly rude!

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