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Focus on these things to succeed in Business Development

Sales and Business Development are often interchangeable words for many companies due to lack of resources, or past routines.  If you are one of those companies, you are probably missing out on growth opportunities.  There are distinct...(more)

It is the most ambiguous of business disciplines…something many want to do, but few are able to define or do well.  This is due to the nature of business development being something beyond the scope of a company’s every day business...(more)

You will become the go-to person and industry expert in your organization where it pertains to the business area you are trying to develop.  By establishing a formal extensive network in the industry you are focusing on, you will not only be your...(more)

Remember that you don’t have anything to sell at this point; your role is to investigate.  This is a great position to have when talking to people in the market.  You are interested in creating something new, wanting the input of...(more)

Do not only collect & regurgitate existing data. Make a contact list of industry professionals and develop real relationships with them.  If needed hire a consulting group to conduct industry and technical research specific to your...(more)

Become an expert salesman before you present your ideas to management.  Brush up on your presentation skills, sales skills and financial acumen in order to get the buy-in needed for your company to make the investment you are asking for.  Be...(more)

Business development does not stop at the sales & marketing opportunity.  You are creating a full circle business model that in many respects may be considered a new company within your organization, a joint venture with another entity, or even...(more)

Vet your ideas and information throughout the business development process so that you have real feedback before the presentation to your management.  You should form allies in management before you get there so people are not surprised and they...(more)


How well does your sales team support business development efforts?